STRIDER® Parts and Accessorries

Whether it's replacement parts for your Strider® or accessories to customize the perfect bike, we have it all.

STRIDER® Snow Skis (pair)


STRIDER® Numberplate Kit


STRIDER® Optional Brake Kit (ST-2, ST-3, & ST-4)


STRIDER® Mini Handlebar Grips (12.7mm)


STRIDER® Ultralight Wheel


Quick Release


STRIDER® Axle Hardware Set


STRIDER® Clamp Bolt


STRIDER® Clamp Set (ST-2)


STRIDER® Footrest Grips


STRIDER® Handlebar Pad


STRIDER® Headset Bushing Set


STRIDER® Interlocking Bike Stand


STRIDER® Optional Alloy Wheel with Pneumatic Tires (Set)


STRIDER® Optional Brake Kit (ST-1)


STRIDER® Pocket Bike


STRIDER® Spoke Joker™


STRIDER® Standard Handlebar Grips (22.2mm)


STRIDER® XL Freestyle Footrest


Kickstand 16"


STRIDER® XL Seatpost w/Padded Saddle


Strider® Handlebar Bell - Black


Strider Rocking Base


Strider Light Set


Baby Bundle


Strider Performance Seat


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